We work closely with a broad range of clients in the following areas:

  • Finding the right worker with the right work capacity via pre-employment assessment
  • Developing safe work procedures, safe process and safe work techniques to manage specific risk
  • Development and improvement of work environment to facilitate a culture of injury prevention
  • Responding after injury – making sure that the person has the correct capacity to safely do their work role and if not, working out what they need to be safe – (risk and reasonable adjustment assessment).
  • Understanding the systemic and direct causes of injury

We are passionate about helping people and injury prevention in the workplace.

Pre-Employment Screening

A big part of safety is effective recruitment. We assess your candidates and provide feedback on how “job ready” they are for the physical requirements of your roles. We tailor a pre-employment functional assessment to meet your job demands to allow an effective and robust testing procedure and sound recruitment. Make the most informed decision you can about your candidates suitability by the Momentum4 pre-employment screening protocol.

Manual Handling Risk Management

Our Manual Handling risk management programs are customised to your business manual handling risks and requirements. Our major focus is developing safe behaviour. Our packages include

  1. Standard packages for lower risk workplaces (i.e. lower risk manual handling requirements) with no identified risks
  2. Tailored packages – digital and video footage of work tasks, to focus on historical or observed higher risk tasks for effective reduction in costs and risks.

All trainees are assessed for risk control competency (knowledge, techniques and behaviours) at completion of training.

Workstation Ergonomics

People working at computer work stations often sustain soft tissue injuries or aggravation to soft tissue injuries due to poor work technique or ill suited equipment. We use a Momentum4 assessment protocol to identify work related and non work related factors that may be impacting on symptoms. We educate your staff via verbal and written feedback on strategies to improve overall health and minimise work related and non work related issues.

Injury Prevention Training

Analysis of how people work and correcting poor technique is a critical part of injury prevention and control. Momentum4 does “on the job” one on one training. This ideally occurs before an injury occurs, but also, after an injury occurs to prevent recurrence.

Risk and Reasonable Adjustment Assessments

The prevention of further injury after illness or injury is a common concern. We have a Momentum4 protocol to establish the capacity and risks of the individual to do their work tasks, what adjustments that might improve capacity, and to what levels this reduces risks and improves capacity. This helps our clients retain good people but also have a clear and transparent process that identifies key health risks.

Accident and Workers Compensation Investigation

Analysis of accidents and injuries is often a complex and difficult process. We obtaining detailed information about accidents and workers compensation claims and manage this process. This includes complex physical and psychiatric claims for compensation.

Our strong background in injury process and workers compensation insurance allows us to obtain important and salient information that fast tracks decision making for liability and accident prevention.

Safe Work Procedures

Sometimes injury prevention is simply making it very clear exactly how you want the job done so that the safety culture improves and everyone knows what is expected. We design safe work procedures to reduce risk of injury.

Momentum4 provides occupational health, injury prevention and rehabilitation services in Queensland.  

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