Our goal is early intervention for optimal health after illness or injury

The team at Momentum4 value the importance of helping people achieve health and meaningful occupation (whether it be paid or unpaid) as soon as possible after injury and illness. Our targeted services aim to overcome the common difficulties experienced after injury including issues with pain, strength, endurance, and confidence. These services are provided by professionals with tertiary qualifications in Occupational Therapy and Exercise Physiology, consultant physiotherapists and consultant medical specialists. Our team are also all Accredited Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators. All of our occupational therapists are registered Occupational Therapists. All of our exercise physiologists providing services for Momentum4 are accredited with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA).

Return To Work Coordination

With over 40 years of combined workers compensation management and return to work coordination experience, we know the ins and outs of this sometimes complex area of industry. With skilled return to work coordinators we assist with managing workers compensation claims from start to finish with the most important focus of full occupational rehabilitation and return to work. This includes:

  • Assessing claims for compensation and making sure claims meet the requirements of legislation – including taking statements and submitting paper work
  • Using our team of accredited rehabilitation coordinators who work with injured people every day to get the very best recovery outcomes
  • Providing effective advice when injuries are complex and difficult

Exercise Rehabilitation

Typically, after injury, people can lose strength, endurance and confidence. Especially when the work role is very physical, injured individuals need the assistance of an ESSA accredited exercise physiologist via a structured physical conditioning and education program; mainly to avoid re-injury, increase confidence and eliminate fear. Our experienced and ESSA accredited exercise physiologist works closely with all parties to achieve a successful return to work.

Having over 100 truck drivers on the road means staff health is critical to our operation. The team at Momentum4 have provided our staff with some very valuable work specific conditioning programs that allowed them to remain healthy and strong, recover more quickly from injury, build strength, endurance and confidence and overcome fear of return.

Julie Russell, Director Russell Transport

Return to Work Plan

We meet with you and your worker, and then via a targeted selection of suitable duties, document the return to work plans in conjunction with the treating doctor. We help clarify the what, when and how steps to ensure all parties know what to do to assist a good and durable recovery.

Initial Needs Assessment

An assessment of physical, psychological and vocational/occupational rehabilitation needs to achieve an optimal outcome post injury.

Complex Case Management

Injuries can be both complex due to severity, work conflict, or multiple conditions. Helping people to recover and coordinating support can be both time consuming and difficult. Momentum4 have experienced staff to assist.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

This is a general assessment of work capacity and readiness to return to work. Momentum4 have a team of trained professionals here in Brisbane to safely and effectively complete a functional capacity evaluations.

Occupational Therapist Home Visit/Equipment Assessment

Provision of assistive equipment can help people regain independence with activities of daily living recover more effectively after illness and injury. Similarly, simple home modifications may be highly beneficial in enhancing or maintaining independence.