The Story so far…

Momentum4 is now in its 16th year of business since commencing in 2005. Our business helps people recover from injury and health issues.  We are one of a limited number of accredited Return to Work Providers on the WorkCover Qld panel and have been for 15 years.  We have 150 Companies that use Momentum4 as their preferred supplier. 

Our work takes us into a broad range of workplaces and industries to provide injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation strategies.  No two days  are the same.  We enjoy being out and about  and also collaborating within our team.  We are a multi-disciplinary team of Allied Health Professionals.

We are forever  working with lots of new people every day including: hospitals, childcare, schools, factories, building sites and many other workplaces.

Chris Mitchell, the business owner, has 30 years’ experience in the industry and is well supported by senior staff.

Training and Development

Your training and skills are very important to us.  Momentum4 provides training to suit your needs.  Training is tailor made to suit your skills and experience as a health professional.  You will be trained, supported and mentored by experienced senior clinicians, however if you are a more experienced clinician, we tend to focus on you attending specialist courses.

Our focus on training is demonstrated on how much training we provide.  We averaged 76 hours of training per staff member over the 2019 financial year.  We believe helping our team to be ready and capable of dealing with all  the challenges that come our way is not only critical but ensures you enjoy what you do.


We don’t time clock. It is about making sure you get results, but not be at work longer than you should be.  If you need work from home that is ok, because we are paperless (everything is in the cloud)..

Our staff have the latest and greatest computers and phones because you need to know things work well.  Most importantly it gives you the flexibility to alternate your tasks  between home and the office to fit in all those important events we have in our lives.

We trust our staff. This enables a positive company culture. This has led to an independent team who helps Momentum4 to be very good at helping people and organisations to be healthy.


Our remuneration and incentive structure ensure our staff move up through the pay scales as their skills develop.

We have an incentive scheme that works on true results and where your hard work and efficiency is rewarded.

Momentum4 is a company that is truly established with terrific clients.  Our ongoing relationship with Workcover QLD, life insurers, CTP insurers, government agencies and over 150 established preferred  Employers means your time is spent productively and proactively.

We give our team “permission” to go that extra mile to make our customers happy. We empower our staff to do what they need to do to meet the Momentum4 vision.

We provide our team with a sense of safety and  well-being; this has created an attitude where everyone looks out for each other.


We believe it is important to celebrate good outcomes; we have a gong that we dong when we get really good outcomes. We believe in the philosophy of simply celebrating good work and it keeps us motivated as a team.

Momentum4’s has a simple tenet: to have happy and fulfilled employees who feel that what they are doing matters.

We celebrate our performance using a 3rd party feedback website.  Our rating over 12 months has been 4.6/5:

30 Mar 2022 I felt comfortable with the process Sophie Pill
29 Mar 2022 Educational and supportive Sophie Pill
28 Mar 2022 Hes the best Chris Mitchell
14 Mar 2022 David is very knowledgeable which I found to be very reassuring. He was very supportive and thorough. David Crandell
2 Mar 2022 Extremely helpful individual. For the first time since I got injured there was someone actually listening to me about my concerns David Crandell
10 Feb 2022 Good communication and ideas re rehab. Friendly and understanding David Crandell
8 Feb 2022 Professional & kn0wledgeable, empathetic Sophie Pill
8 Feb 2022 Sophie is a pleasure to work with. She made me feel comfortable and at ease.  She explained the process clearly and allowed room for questions.  Sophie has a good understanding of my situation and has presented me with realistic expectations. Sophie Pill
18 Jan 2022 Sophie was very professional and informative.  She provided insight into my return to work.  She organised and contacted all relevant parties to make sure I had the equipment I needed. Sophie Pill
24 Sep 2021 Good David Crandell
13 Sep 2021 Pleasant lady Laura Gillan
06 Sep 2021 Chris has been an amazing support during my return to work plan! I’m so glad I was able to team up with him to develop a suitable plan so I could return to full duties. Chris Mitchell
31 Aug 2021 Very professional, kind and caring personality Hannah Mossman
25 Aug 2021 I found Laura to be very efficient and friendly as well as very helpful. Laura Gillan
20 Aug 2021 Very helpful. She made the ‘the pain is all in your head’ insurance narrative a little more palatable. Hannah Mossman
18 Aug 2021 She was very nice. Sophie Pill
17 Aug 2021 Laura is very knowledgeable and made me feel so much better about my return to work.  I am so happy to have her as my case manager. Laura Gillan
02 Aug 2021 I found Sophie to be very professional, caring and thorough during assessments and phone conversations.  All communications has been done in a timely manner. Sophie Pill
19 Feb 2020 Knowledgable, professional, helpful Hannah Mossman
18 Feb 2020 Helpful Chris Mitchell
14 Feb 2020 Professional and empathetic.  Well organised and very helpful. Hannah Mossman
11 Feb 2020 Steve was a pleasant and relatable person. He helped me with positive feedback on my cover letters, resume and my approach in returning to full time employment. Stephen Larkin


Momentum4 provides occupational health, injury prevention and rehabilitation services in Queensland.  


General Enquiries

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07 3102 8566

Unit 10/696 Sandgate Road
Clayfield, Queensland 4011